What is a Pure Water Window Cleaning System?

Window Cleaning System

Window cleaning has become one of the most important things for residents or office buildings. In the modern era, a new technique has emerged which is revolutionary and eco-friendly to keep the windows of your house neat and clean. The method is known as a pure water window cleaning system, and it is also known as a water-fed pole system. To know how the method works or what the method is, you need to understand them.

Understanding the Pure Water Window Cleaning System

The Pure Water Window Cleaning System utilises water that has undergone a meticulous purification process, removing all minerals and impurities. In its pure state, water has a strong cleaning ability due to its natural inclination to absorb dirt and grime particles. When applied to windows using a Water Fed Pole, the pure water acts as a solvent, dissolving and lifting dirt, leaving behind a spotless and streak-free surface.

How Does the Water Fed Pole Work?

The Water Fed Pole, an extendable pole made from lightweight materials like carbon fibre or aluminium, enables window cleaners to reach great heights from the safety of the ground. The purified water is fed through the pole and expelled through a soft brush head at the top. As the brush glides over the window surface, the pure water attracts and binds with dirt particles, gently scrubbing away the grime. Once the cleaning process is complete, the windows are left to dry naturally, without any need for wiping or squeegeeing.

Advantages of the Pure Water Window Cleaning System

Streak-Free Perfection

Traditional cleaning methods are always considered old and ineffective solutions for window cleaning because they often result in unsightly streaks and residue. After all, the usage of harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage. With the help of this revolutionary technique, these small problems can be solved because this method does not require any harsh chemicals that can damage your window and make streaks visible.

Eco-Friendly Solution

With growing environmental concerns, the demand for eco-friendly cleaning practices is on the rise. The Pure Water Window Cleaning System is a sustainable alternative, as it eliminates the need for chemical detergents, which can harm aquatic life and the environment. By harnessing the power of purified water, this system promotes responsible and eco-conscious window cleaning.

Enhanced Safety

Cleaning windows at height poses significant risks to window cleaners, especially when using ladders or scaffolding. The Water Fed Pole system reduces these risks substantially, allowing professionals to clean windows from the safety of the ground. It minimises the likelihood of accidents and injuries, creating a safer working environment. The best thing about the process is that you can even look for window cleaning supplies online shop.

Increased Efficiency

The Water Fed Pole system streamlined the window cleaning process, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced labour time. Its ability to clean high-rise and hard-to-reach windows without the need for elaborate setup or dismantling of equipment translates into faster job completion and increased productivity.


The pure water window cleaning system has been a game changer in the window cleaning industry ever since its introduction. It has several benefits, and the eco-friendly method is one of them. It does not require harsh chemicals during the cleanliness process, unlike traditional window cleaning methods. The methods embrace purity and a bright and clean future ahead.