9 Guidelines for Wood-Look Tile Installation

Wood look tiles make an inexpensive substitute legitimate wood tiles – the fabric everyone knows of for adding an up-level elegance for the indoor area. The peace, the drama that natural wood floors have is unmatchable for premium gemstones for example marble and onyx. Which explains why why people around the world design to possess wooden floors and walls.

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But because of the cost factor and extensive maintenance and care involved, lots of people consider additional options over wooden tiles. A specific choice is wood-look tiles – the fabric that appears like wood, however is not wood.

What’s Wood Look Tile?

Wood-look tiles are textured porcelain or ceramic tiles which have been made to imitate the pattern of natural wood panels or tiles. They are economical and simple to utilize tiles including lots of benefits of example simple installation, durability, water, fire, moisture and weather resistance, cost-effective maintenance, amongst others.


If you’re short on budget and they are thinking about installing wood-look tiles on your own, this information underlines the most effective practices to easy your DIY project. Browse the following advice –

Consider the area which should be tiled and order 10% extra tiles. Since damages are possible while shipping and installation, getting extra tiles won’t convey a burglary assembling your shed. Also, this is often allow you to determine the place and preparation approach of substrate.

Calculating the place may also let you determine a awesome design chance and tile construct idea.

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Make sure the sub-floor or under-surface is level and you will find no bumps and bulges about this. Preparing level substrate is most likely the necessities in the pro-like tile installation. It could be a brand-new substrate, allow it to dry and harden just before began with tile installation.

Make sure the substrate is dry and clean right before wood-look tile installation.

Following design idea, apply mortar within the substrate, utilize the tile when it comes to this and press it lightly. Never spread the adhesive more than a sizable area, because it dries up rapidly. Also, make certain that tile is level whenever you press it within the mortar on substrate.

Use tile spacer to make sure equal spacing between tiles using the pattern.

You can’t produce a tile installation project without cutting tiles. Utilize a proven method to get preferred edges and cuts. Use safety gear around required to remain shielded from possible injuries.

Make use of the level tool to discover the evenness of tiled pattern.

Perform grouting. Look out for fifteen minutes before cleaning excess grout and mortar off your tiles. Don’t look out for longer, because the grout and mortar could get harder and be hard to remove.

That’s it. That’s how wood-look porcelain tiles are situated up. That’s easy, is not it?

You are getting wood-look tiles in lots of wood textures for example sandle wood, teak, oak, hardwood, etc. to uplift your indoor ambiance. And whichever the shape or pattern, all are fairly simple to put together. If you feel you will find confusions, you are able to uncover a how-to video online. When the problem persists, it will always be wise to contact professional tile installer to complete the job.