What Can Be Done to Mix Multiple Rugs in One Room?

What Can Be Done to Mix Multiple Rugs in One Room?

What Can Be Done to Mix Multiple Rugs in One Room?

Today, people are looking for open spaces and for different and unique rugs for their rooms or houses. The house, which has a combination of kitchen, living room, and dining, requires a mix of multiple rugs. Decorating a large area might be difficult because eyes are drawn to a wide area at once. As a result, you must exercise greater caution when it comes to house furnishings, particularly when bringing an area rug to a hardwood floor.

Moreover, modern area rugs are the best choice when it comes to furnishing the floor with carpet. Thus, with them, you can easily style the interior of your home. You can divide the living room area while placing two different rugs that match your home’s theme. In this article, you will know how to mix multiple rugs in the same room.

Tips To Mix Multiple Rugs In One Room

  1. Use Of Matching Rugs In Two Parallel Rooms

While you are looking for rugs that fit according to the two parallel rooms, you must think of the same pattern and color as the rugs. Else, if you want, you can also have a different rug texture that looks elegant if placed in your home.

  1. Complementary Carpet Or Rug

Mixing the two rugs in the complementary area will give your large room area a pleasant look. The decent classic area rug elevates the décor and makes a striking look. Thus, a complementary carpet or rug will be best for one room.

  1. Use Of Two Different Pattern Rugs

Using an artistic approach while combining two different pattern rugs in one room will give an amazing look. Thus, selecting a wool carpet with different patterns will be good. To make it enticing, the scale and patterns must be carefully chosen.

  1. Layer Different Rugs

Putting multiple layers of different rugs on a large area will give your interior a unique look. But make sure you buy the rugs according to the theme of your home. Thus, different patterns when layers on a large area grab people’s attention.

  1. Use Of different Texture Rugs

When you use different texture rugs, it will make people bring their attention and visual interests to the rugs. Thus, while choosing two different textured rugs, make sure it has bold patterns and can cover a large amount of space in one room.


To conclude, when looking for multiple rugs in one room, you must ensure that your room has enough space. Thus, you can change the pattern or size according to your needs or preferences.