The pandemic has surely changed the way we work and entertain ourselves. From physical, almost everything has moved to digital. The biggest change that has happened, is that we now no longer commute to our offices for working, as most of us have now gone WFH, which means we are Working From Home. This changes has now become a part of our lives and is likely to continue  for a long time, how long we really don’t know. Offices are specifically designed for enabling workers with a dedicated and focussed work space and an environment which fosters creativity and productivity. However, working from home changes the entire scenario as homes are meant for living and not working. In this article, we will give you some tips for creating the perfect work from home ambience. azizi creek views dubai

Rework the spaces to accommodate your new lifestyle

Neither of us was prepared for a scenario where you live and work in the same space without any change of location. Now that work from home is a reality, you should rework the living room space for enabling smooth official functioning. You should declutter your designated work area and ensure that there are comparatively few things that distract you while you’re working. azizi creek views 2

Fix a dedicated work area

Just because you are working from home, do not succumb to the temptation of working randomly from just about anywhere. This will interfere in your work routine by spoiling your concentration and subsequently affect your productivity. We suggest you fix a dedicated spot in the house from where you work regularly, without changing your location every now and then. This area could be in your living room or even in your bedroom. Installing a work station in the living room is recommended because the bedroom will be used by your family members more often, thus creating unwanted disturbance in your work routine.

Sit in the correct posture

You will be tempted to sit in the posture as you feel like because the working environment is homely and not official. However, we suggest that you adopt a comfortable and upright posture while working on your laptop or computer, and refrain from slouching. The laptop should be placed at a convenient height and distance and you should sit upright with a straight back and neck. Doing this will greatly reduce the chances of neck pain and backache.

Proper lighting is important

Choose a working spot that gets maximum sunlight during daytime, as working in a naturally well lit space will not put any strain on your eyes and you will able to comfortably work for long hours. However, you should take a break every hour or so by getting up from your desk and walking around for maybe five to ten minutes. This will help the blood circulation in your body, which gets affected when you’re sitting in one position for a long time. Adequate lighting, both during the day and in the evening, is important for ensuring high work productivity.            Should you have to work late evenings or even into the night, we suggest that you install a small but powerful table lamp at your work station, as that will give you ample light to work comfortably, even if the main lights in your work space are switched off.

Stick to your office schedule

You should mentally believe that you are still working from office and follow the same schedule as you were following in office. So take a break for lunch at around 1 pm and a short 15-minute tea break at around 4 pm.

To conclude, follow the above tips for a successful and comfortable work from home schedule and see how you ensure peak work performance even from home.