The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Tunisia

5. Sousse Khezama

In this area there is the Hotel Marhaba resort, Slim Center Shopping mall, Mosque Al-salam, Taki Academy, Centre Commercial Champs Elysees, Meteo Sousse, Ali Chapati, Al Fath Mosque, Café Véranda and many other places of interest. It is not surprising that international tourists frequently come to this location because it provides them with an interesting shopping experience and it also introduces them to the culture and tradition of Tunisia. An apartment in this area can cost €90,000 as a cash buyer.

4. Tantana

There is a long list of exciting attractions in Tantana which can keep people extremely occupied for a long time. One of the most popular attractions in the area is Port El Kantoui Beach which is in fact one of the most popular beaches in the area. Then there is also Port El Kantoui harbor which continues to be a place of interest as far as international tourists is concerned. The entire waterfront is extremely popular among both locals and visitors. People also visit the amphitheater of El Jem as well as many of the other interesting attractions in this area. People can expect to pay €86,000 for an apartment for a quick sale.

3. Sahloul

You will find Sahloul in Gouvernorat de Sousse. This is one of the districts in Tunisia. The capital of Tunisia is just over 70 miles away. There are many excellent hotels which is popular among international tourists. This ensures that tourism continues to contribute to the local economy. Some of the popular locations in this area are Nabeul, Mahdia, Kairouan, Monastir and Sousse. They provide people with many interesting attractions which do a lot to educate people regarding the traditions and culture of this country. Apartments are available from €79,000.

2. Monastir

The city of Monastir is also known as Mistīr and is located on the central coast of Tunisia. This is in the Sahel area which is only about 20 km from Sousse. The capital city Tunis is approximately 160 km from Monastir. This area was originally a fishing port but over the years Monastir has developed into a full-scale tourist and entertainment resort. Approximately 90,000 people are now living in this city. Monastir is also the capital of Monastir Governorate. The beaches in the area are very popular both among locals and visitors. There are also important monuments in the region which is popular among visitors. An apartment can cost approximately €75,000.

1. Raoued

You will have to travel to the Ariana Governorate region of Tunisia in order to find the town of Raoued. In 2014 there were approximately 84,000 people in the town of Raoued. Sadly most of that town was destroyed in 2016 during several giant sandstorms. Nevertheless, this area continues to be highly popular among international tourists. Many people come to see the ancient city of Utica which was originally a Punic settlement until its occupation by the Romans. Raoued is approximately 12 km from the coast but in the distant past this area was a busy port. An apartment in this city will cost you approximately €47,000.