Creating A Kid-Friendly Space Inside A Condo: Is it Possible?

Creating A Kid-Friendly Space Inside A Condo: Is it Possible?

Creating A Kid-Friendly Space Inside A Condo: Is it Possible?

Designing an area for kids (พื้นที่สำหรับเด็ก, which is the term in Thai)  in a condo involves a little patience, some planning, and a lot of creativity, given how quickly the preferences of a kid changes with the passing years. The area for kids that you are about to create inside a condo apartment doesn’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming, but with the correct designing tips, you can transform any dull space into an exciting one.

The space you build for your kids will be theirs forever and must be able to cheer them up after a long tiring day at school or hours of playtime. Take into account these tips when sitting to plan for a kid-friendly zone.

Designer-Approved Tips for a Kid-Friendly Space In A Condo

Keep Privacy at Bay

While privacy is of the utmost importance when designing an adult’s room, it holds no value in a kid’s room as you would be required to keep their activities under strict vigilance. One of the essential factors to put into consideration when crafting a kid-friendly space is to ensure their room is open. 

Ensure Plentiful Floor Space

When it comes to creating an area for your child, ensuring ample floor space plays a key role, given how you might have to keep some space ready for their future furniture demands. Having sufficient floor space also enables free movement of your kids where they can enjoy and be themselves.

See That Tranquility Prevails

A tranquil ambiance is always mandatory for uninterrupted study time. A quiet environment will motivate your kids to concentrate better on whatever they do; studying, painting, crafting, or even building blocks.

Incorporate A Desk for Study Purpose

One of the must-buy for your kid’s room is a study desk. Installing a study desk will lead them to organize their stationery and encourage them to sit with their books every day.

Add Bright and Cheery Wall Paint Colors

Always prefer nontoxic paint for your kid’s room walls. Choose bright, and lively colors like green, orange, blue, pink, red, yellow, etc to keep them in a happy mood always.

Introduce Ample Lights

Make sure to lighten up your kid’s room to the extent that it becomes the brightest of all spaces in the house. Choose less-colorful but bright lights for your little ones’ room. You can also invest in contemporary and cute reading lights to encourage their reading habits.

Subtle Preferences of Furniture

Say ‘no’ to decluttering your precious ones’ room with excessive furniture pieces and rather add a couple of chairs, a desk, a bunk bed, and a minimalistic cabinet where they can keep their books and hold their precious artworks on display.

These simple yet effective designing tips can make way for the best area for kids in a condo. Having a fun space where your little ones can play, have fun and hone their skills is easy if you can put these strategies into use.