Why Concrete Lifting Beats Replacement

Why Concrete Lifting Beats Replacement

Why Concrete Lifting Beats Replacement

Is your driveway looking somewhat rough? Maybe your outdoor space has become a tripping risk because of uneven sections. Before you decide to do a costly concrete replacement project, you need to think about a more smart arrangement. It is called concrete lifting Cedar Rapids.

Over the long run, slabs can settle because of different factors like soil or foundation issues. This settling creates an uneven surface. It looks bad and also poses safety risks. In this blog, we will explain why concrete lifting is better than overall replacement.

1) Traditional Replacement Is Sometimes a Costly Headache

The standard solution to uneven concrete is removal and replacement. It is an effective method. However, it comes with a big price tag. The process also involves the demolition of the existing concrete. After this, experts dispose of debris and excavate of the underlying soil. Finally, they pour new concrete. This is a lengthy process and can cause disruption to your daily life.

2) Concrete Lifting Is a Champion for Savings and Speed

It offers a far more attractive alternative. This innovative technique utilizes a specially formulated material. These materials are injected beneath the sunken concrete slab. They expand and lift the slab back to its original level. This can help to repair the unevenness.

3) Here’s Why Concrete Lifting Beats Replacement

  1. a) Cost-effective

Lifting is less expensive than replacing concrete. This is because you’re only repairing the existing slab. It also eliminates the need for expensive materials and demolition labor.

  1. b) Fast and efficient

It is a two-day process. This can reduce disruption to your daily routine. The injected material also cures quickly. This can allow you to use your driveway or patio quickly.

  1. c) Minimal disruption

There is no need for heavy machinery or extensive demolition. This is because concrete lifting is a quiet and mess-free process compared to replacement.

  1. d) Environmentally friendly

It utilizes the existing concrete. This causes less waste to be generated. Additionally, less energy is consumed compared to complete replacement.

  1. e) Long-lasting results

Concrete lifting Cedar Rapids creates a durable and long-lasting repair. The injected material fills voids beneath the slab. This can help to provide long-term stability.

  1. f) Preserves existing features

Replacement may require redoing landscaping or edging. However, concrete lifting leaves surrounding features undisturbed.

  1. g) Minimal maintenance

Once lifted, your concrete requires less upkeep. Regular cleaning and sealing will further extend its life.

4) Who is a Candidate for Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting is a suitable solution for a variety of situations, including:

  • Uneven driveways and patios
  • Settled pool decks
  • Sunken garage floors
  • Uneven sidewalks

To wrap it up

These were some of the reasons that showcase why concrete lifting Cedar Rapids is better than overall replacement. It’s a cost-effective and fast solution. It is also a minimally disruptive way to restore level and safe concrete surfaces. However, you need to consult a qualified concrete lifting professional. They can understand your situation and determine if this method is the right solution. With their expertise, you can enjoy the many benefits of concrete lifting. This can allow you to bring your uneven concrete surfaces back to life.