Understanding the Importance of Insulating Your Homes

Understanding the Importance of Insulating Your Homes

Understanding the Importance of Insulating Your Homes

Enviroflex is one of Australia’s top and most popular businesses that will take care of all your home insulation Colts Neck, NJ needs. If your house hasn’t been insulated yet, or you’re planning on building a home for your family, it’s time to talk to one of the insulation specialists to know your needs. Furthermore, they have several services you can choose from. They can insulate your roof & ceilings, underfloors, and walls. Apart from that, they also do draught-proofing. Therefore, your home is 100% safe from moisture and condensation.

If you want to understand these services and what purpose they serve, keep on reading below. It’s about time that you insulate your home for the maximum level of comfort that you will experience even at home. So if you want to become knowledgeable about insulation, let this article guide you and help you choose the right service for your house care Enviroflex.

Roofs & Ceilings

One of the first areas of your house that needs insulation will be your roof and ceilings. It’s responsible for the transfer of hot and cold energy, especially during the summer and winter seasons. Also, as much as 45% of your energy can be lost only in this part of your home. So when you contact Enviroflex for your initial screening, they will check your ceilings and review your roof to give you some insulation solutions to choose from. Of course, they make sure to recommend the best that will reflect radiant heat, which can be easily installed under the tiles.


After the roof and ceiling, you may want to insulate your walls. It acts as a barrier for heat transfer in and out of your home. So installing insulation can bring thermal benefits. Enviroflex will recommend a plethora of wall insulation you can choose from, such as thermal and acoustic batts and the Envirowall retrofit cavity wall insulation. The latter can be fitted into your existing homes with minimum disruption. It also fills the cavity between the plasterboard and the external facade. So you’re sure that your house is fitted with the best insulation that can regulate your house’s temperature.


Apart from the walls, you can also have your underfloors insulated. Insulation can keep it at a constant temperature while preventing draughts. For instance, you have an exposed floorboard on a suspended wooden floor. Furthermore, Enviroflex can fit insulation on existing homes with a subfloor or new builds that require floor insulation. However, not all houses require underfloor insulation, especially if your home has a concrete slab at the bottom with no access for insulation. Otherwise, you can also have Enviroflex install insulation to secure maximum comfort for your entire home. Thankfully, they also have draught-proofing to ensure that there are no air leaks to ensure energy efficiency.