The Impact Of Plancher Colors on Interior Design

The Impact Of Plancher Colors on Interior Design

The Impact Of Plancher Colors on Interior Design

Interior design is all about every single detail contributing to the look and feel of a place. However, it is the flooring or plancher that often gets overlooked in this process. Plancher colors can change how the room looks, it determines the atmosphere in the space and even its size seems to be affected by it. 

Let us check out how plancher color can change the whole vibe of your space.

  • Mood Enhancement

The plancher hues are a great mood enhancer as they invoke different feelings. Soft and beige floor colors give off the impression of a more open space while the light-colored ones, such as natural pine, maple, oak, whitewash or pale, gray, blue give the same effect but in a more calming way. They also create an impression of a larger space because there are fewer visual barriers. 

  • Visual Space Perception

Our perception of spatial boundaries can sometimes be influenced by plain colors. Lighter colored floors give an impression of a spacious and airy room, and darker colors provide more grounding and intimacy. So, your choice of flooring can strongly influence the feeling of a room being either cozy or spacious.

  • Style and Aesthetics

Plancher color represents one of the most important pieces of a good design puzzle. Its selection must adhere to specific styles, depending on the decor and interior. White or light gray floor surfaces would give a presentable and modern look. Dark wood floors can work well in traditional designs by adding some age to the look. 

  • Versatility and Adaptability

You can choose from a variety of plancher colors today. They can go well with different types of interior designs. To make sure your design choices remain open, use neutral plancher or carpet colors such as beige, gray or muted brown as these shades can easily align with different wall colorings, furniture and accessories.

  • Maintenance and Practicality

When selecting plancher colors, we must look beyond aesthetics. Lighter colored floors will hide less wear and tear, and will demand more regular cleaning to retain the look. Darker floors can cover flaws easily, but will demand much labor for cleaning and preservation. This selection would practically depend on the type of life one leads, and how the available space is meant to be used.

The color of your flooring plays an important role in creating a welcoming space so one must choose it wisely.   

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