The Beauty Behind Metal Photo Prints – What Makes them So Popular? 

Wall decor holds just as much meaning as the cabinetry and curtains do when it comes to the overall look and aesthetics. And, the options for wall decor aren’t just limited to a wall clock. You can always choose photo prints like a metal photo print to give your house the same sophisticated look as that of an art gallery or a star hotel. For by, this sophistication comes with the guarantee of affordability when purchased from esteemed sellers like Big acrylic

That said, some of the best features of Big Acrylic metal photo prints that you should be aware of are listed below. Have a look and decide for yourself. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints Offer Variety in Finishing

Metal photo prints have a matte finish that can be textured into 2 types – the White Metal Print and the Brushed Metal Print. 

  • The White Metal Print is brighter and more vibrant with a higher contrast ratio. It goes perfectly well with all kinds of modern decors. 
  • The Brushed Metal Print creates more of a contemporary charm. The art’s picture has some white patches that look brushed against the remaining colors in the picture. 
  1. Metal Photo Prints are Highly Customizable 

Whether your place is big or small, the designers at Big Acrylic can accommodate all your needs since they can offer size customization up-to 60” x 90”. 

Besides, since aluminum is lightweight, it can be easily cut into different shapes as well. All you have to do is communicate your needs with the experts. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Durable

The dye used on dibond in a metal photo print gets underneath the metal surface. Which is why, these prints:

  • Do not peel.
  • Do not smudge.
  • Do not develop scratches. 
  • Do not catch dust and can be cleaned very easily. 

Ergo, the dye on dibond at Big Acrylic is heat resistant and moisture resistant too. As a result, their photo prints are perfect for outdoors. 

  1. Metal Photo Prints Offer Different Mounting Options 

You can choose between any of the 4 below listed mounting options for metal photo prints. 

  1. Standoff Display – These are secured to the wall with the help of 4 screws.
  2. Floating Display – A block is fixed to the wall and the photo print is fastened to that block. This creates an illusion of floating. 
  3. Float Frame Display – It uses the same technique as the float display does, but it additionally uses a traditional black frame to display the picture. 
  4. Metal Box Display – The print is wrapped around a metal box that’s then hung to the wall. 

All in all, this exquisite variety is the USP of Metal Photo Prints that makes them so popular.