Must-Haves Infrared Sauna Accessories for Your Session

Must-Haves Infrared Sauna Accessories for Your Session

Must-Haves Infrared Sauna Accessories for Your Session

Infrared saunas provide more benefits for your health and relaxation, but to experience the best feel, you need the right infrared saunas according to the preference of your body temperature. Adding certain accessories to your sauna routine helps you feel comfortable, stay hydrated, relax better, and refresh. Invest in quality accessories and create a comforting sauna vibe, you can obtain the full therapeutic benefits of infrared sauna treatment within the comfort of your home.

Comfort and Hygiene

Before entering an infrared sauna, take towels and wear fine clothes according to your comfort. Towels are used to sit or sleep on, building a shield between your body and the sauna’s surface.

To provide comfort to the best level, use soft, absorbent towels that are made up of natural fibers such as cotton. Fine clothes are also useful for covering you in between sessions and keeping you warm as you enter and exit the sauna.

Water bottle

During sauna sessions, stay hydrated by drinking water avoid dehydration, and preserve good health. For that, keeping water bottles makes it easy to reload lost fluids through sweating.

Choose a BPA-free, reusable water container with a strapping cover to avoid spills and leaks inside the sauna. Add a slice of lemon or cucumber to your water for a delightful taste while also providing extra hydration.

Neck Support

To give additional neck and head support during your sauna session, purchase a sauna headrest constructed of moisture-resistant materials, such as wood or silicone, to survive the sauna’s heat and humidity. These curved pillows support your neck and improve relaxation when you rest in the sauna.

Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint improve your steam sauna bath experience by providing healing benefits. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a Sprayer or aroma bowl can fill the sauna with pleasant fragrances and bring relaxation.

Timer and Thermometer

To guarantee a safe and successful sauna session in your home, have a timer and thermometer nearby to monitor time and temperature. The normal length for an infrared sauna session usually ranges from 20 to 45 minutes, so according to your preferences set a time within that range.

Keeping a thermometer in the sauna will help you to check the level of the temperature whether it is too high or too low and also you can adjust it as you need, experiencing a pleasant and therapeutic heat level.


Add a cushion comfort seat with a non-slip surface to avoid slipping. Some pillows have a Comfort-oriented element that gives extra support for your back and spine. So, choose a good seating position to ensure proper comfort.

Eye Mask

To block out light and develop deep relaxation, use an eye mask while taking up your sauna session. Choose a soft, comfortable mask composed of breathable fabrics, such as silk or satin, that will not irritate the skin. Before lying down in the steam sauna bath session put on the mask and let you float into a state of relaxation.

From towels and fine clothes to essential oils for relaxation, there are several accessories available to fit your sauna sessions according to your preferences.