General household products to get rid of stains

General household products to get rid of stains

General household products to get rid of stains

If you are tired of stains, it is time that you take a look at it. A stained bath isn’t something relaxing or something that one would want to see. Well, baths usually don’t get stained but thanks to the moisture and other things that can make things stained pretty easily. 

The type of bath you have in your house will have a difference in making things. Also, it will determine how fast or slow you can clean the stains. Well, the porcelain bathtubs are durable, while acrylic tubs can be easily damaged. If you have a stained or damaged bathtub in your house do not worry because the solution lies right in your home. 

Some of the prominent products that can help you get rid of the stains on your bath include

  • Baking soda

This is one of the most commonly available household products. Baking soda is your one stop solution for getting over a stained bathtub. However, the catch here is that you should use baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to get the maximum impact. You should allow baking soda to settle on the damaged area. Well, it is extremely necessary to be careful with the use of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, because higher quantities may damage the bathtub surface. You should make sure to clean the bathtub with warm water to get maximum impact. 

  • Oven cleaner

Not a lot of people know but oven cleaners can work wonders for cleaning your bathtub. However, you should not use an oven cleaner for cleaning acrylic bathtubs as it may damage the surface and even remove the shine. However, if you have porcelain on the enamel bathtub, you can apply an oven cleaner on it. The oven cleaners are a great way to get over the stubborn stains. Although it will remove in some time, but, you should allow the mixture to sit on the surface. You should wash the bathtub carefully using warm water for maximum impact. 

  • Shampoo

Your regular shampoo can be great for getting over stains on your tub. All you will need to do is prepare a mixture of water and shampoo, pour it on the tub and scrub it. This can play an important role in removing the stains. 

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