Top 5 Outdoor Renovations That’ll Add The Most Value to Your Home

In the past few years, more people than ever are spending time out in the backyards or front yards, hanging out on their own property but getting more time outside. This has brought up the value of many outdoor renovations that were already in demand. If you are considering doing a little facelift on your home, but want to know how it affects your home’s value, consider how these outdoor renovations can boost appeal and therefore purchase price if you go to sell your home.

Deck or Patio

Depending on the particulars of your home, many stand-alone single family homes have the option for either a patio flush with the ground or a deck that is raised up off the ground and connected to the house. Adding these can cost hundreds of dollars for a DIY patio or thousands for a well-installed deck, but either amenity draws in interest from potential buyers. They see these spaces and think about how they can enjoy them with family and friends, and it translates to a strong return on investment for the current owners.

Low-Maintenance, Beautiful Landscaping

While it may not feel like a ‘feature’ of the home, landscaping has a huge effect on curb appeal. What your buyer thinks when they first drive up to the property can really impact how much people are willing to stick with the property and pay the full asking price or higher. By finding a landscaper you trust and getting them to create a lawn and flower beds that are easy to keep trim and healthy, you create a legacy for the future owners, who can customize it or simply tend the lawn and beds without a lot of extra fuss.

Front Door Replacement

Older front doors tend to make the entire front of the home look dated, and if you think about where people typically spend time waiting while attending a showing, well, it’s right in front of the front door! By getting a brand-new front door, you create a first impression that the home is well-maintained and updated, and you can pick something that also accentuates other new additions, from a recent repainting of the facade to the new landscaping you added up front.

Outdoor Fire Pit

The Homelight Agents Survey recently reported that outdoor fireplaces are the hit feature of backyards these days – you’d be amazed by the popularity of these luxury features. While they can be simple, there are also lots of ornate options that involve a stone ring that is permanently mounted to the ground with its own special fire pit patio area for seating.

Outdoor Kitchen

Another very strong ROI item is the outdoor kitchen, a space that is more than just the typical grill, but extends to an outdoor eating area, storage, counter space, as well as a way to cook food. Adding one of these can really make your home stand out for the outdoors enthusiasts who are looking for that special feature to make a house a home.