Landscaping Tips to Keep Pests Away in Phoenix

In Phoenix, where the climate is warm and dry, your garden or yard can be an oasis for various pests. However, with smart landscaping choices, you can create an outdoor space that is less inviting to these unwanted guests. Here are some effective landscaping tips to help keep pests away:

1. Choose Pest-Repellant Plants

Some plants are natural pest deterrents. For example, lavender repels scorpions and ants, while lemongrass is known to deter mosquitoes. Marigolds can keep away aphids and rabbits, and rosemary can help ward off a variety of insects. Incorporating these plants into your garden can naturally reduce the presence of pests.

2. Maintain a Clean and Tidy Yard

Pests love hiding in clutter. Regularly raking leaves, clearing debris, and trimming overgrown bushes will reduce hiding spots for pests like rodents and snakes. Ensure compost bins are sealed properly and keep woodpiles away from your home’s foundation to deter termites and rodents.

3. Properly Position Plants and Shrubs

Plant shrubs and bushes at least a few feet away from your home’s foundation. This space prevents pests like ants and termites from easily transferring from the plant to your home. Also, avoid using heavy ground cover, like ivy, which provides a perfect home for pests.

4. Use Gravel or Rock Borders

A border of gravel or rock around your home can act as a barrier against pests like ants and scorpions. These materials are difficult for pests to cross, creating a natural barrier that protects your home.

5. Manage Water Sources

Standing water attracts pests, especially mosquitoes. Ensure your irrigation system doesn’t leave standing water and that any water features, like fountains or birdbaths, have circulating water. Proper drainage in your yard is also crucial to prevent water accumulation.

6. Select Pest-Resistant Wood for Outdoor Features

When choosing wood for decks, fences, or other outdoor features, opt for types that are less appealing to termites, such as cedar or redwood. Additionally, treating wood with a pest-resistant coating can help extend its life and keep pests at bay.

7. Implement Proper Lighting

Some insects are attracted to traditional outdoor lights. Consider using yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights, which are less attractive to pests.


Creating a pest-resistant landscape in Phoenix requires a combination of strategic planting, regular maintenance, and mindful design. By implementing these landscaping tips, you can enjoy your outdoor space without unwelcome pests. Remember, consistent care is key to keeping your yard both beautiful and pest-free.