Kitchen Chimney Add Extra Benefits to Kitchen Interiors

When a modular kitchen Bangalore is modelled, an important aspect which remains the concern for both the designer and the investor is that how the kitchen will look after afew days when constant cooking and usage of the kitchen will be done.

Will the modular kitchen Hyderabad be able to maintain its all glossy look, or will it lose its shine over time to soot and the blackening that results from constant cooking, smoke and oil?

Well, the answer to this very important question lies in the instalment of kitchen chimney which is known for absorbing all the smoke and soot to ensure that your kitchen ceiling and walls remain free of oily stickiness and blackening. Here is how a kitchen chimney can add extra benefits to kitchen interiors done interior designers in Bangalore.

  • There are multiple typekitchen chimneys available like an electric chimney, wall-mounted chimney with ducts or without ducts and other types of chimneys depending on what kind of kitchen you want to install it in.
  • Kitchen chimneys also act as an exhaust system for the kitchen area and there is no requirement for you to add an additional exhaust fan to your kitchen. All the kitchen smoke is absorbed by the kitchen chimneys which leaves your kitchen ceiling and walls adjacent to your ovens clean.
  • You can also cook any pungent smelling food easily in your kitchen now if you have a kitchen chimney installed as along with taking out the heat and smoke, chimneys also help to absorbs all the food odours from your kitchen leaving the area smelling fresh and clean.
  • Choose from various designs to match up with the interior designing and decoration of your kitchen. You can opt for a black matt or glossy finished chimney or a completely stainless steel one. Add that extra posh look with a kitchen chimney. You can select from a 60 cm to a 90 cm chimney depending on the type of burner you have and will be using.
  • If you have opted for a ducted chimney then all the heat, stale air, pungent smells will be channelled outside by the chimney. If you believe in recycling then opt for ductless chimney where the filter in the chimney will help to filter the stale air and circulate it as fresh air throughout your kitchen. In compact places, this type of chimney is mostly preferred as it saves u on a lot of space as you need not install any extra pipes.
  • The suction of a chimney is far better than that of a simple exhaust fan. Other than making sure that your kitchen does not get overheated, covered up in oily and black soot, and smell bad kitchen chimneys also ensure that it takes up as less space apossible as chimneys are mostly hung over the cooktops from the ceiling and take the help of the adjacent walls for extra support. It also acts as a cover for you cooking so if anytime you forget the place the lid on top of your cooking utensil, the chimney has got I covered for you from a distance.

Check out these kitchen interior designs if you’re looking for ideas on how you can incorporate chimneys into your kitchen design.