How Do You Clean and Maintain Stamped Concrete?

How Do You Clean and Maintain Stamped Concrete?

How Do You Clean and Maintain Stamped Concrete?

Part of your ongoing property maintenance should include your stamped concrete. Following some easy routine cleaning steps, your stamped concrete’s beauty and functionality will provide great outdoor living spaces for years to come.

Read more for suggestions on how to clean and maintain stamped concrete.

Tips for Cleaning Stamped Concrete

Cleaning stamped concrete is similar to cleaning up other parts of your living space, especially before and after gatherings with family and friends.

For your outdoor stamped concrete, follow these cleaning steps.

  • Use a broom to sweep away any leaves or other debris that has fallen onto the space. Try to do this as part of your regular cleaning routine. It is better for your outdoor stamped concrete that grass clippings and other garden debris do not accumulate.
  • You can now mop the area. With a mild, non-abrasive detergent mixed into a bucket of water, use a wet mop to thoroughly clean the area.
  • Put the mop in a bucket of clean water to remove the detergent. Now, mop your stamped concrete again to rinse away any remaining soap.

Try these steps to clean your interior stamped concrete surfaces.

  • For floors, use a broom to sweep away any dirt and dust that has accumulated. For countertops, move anything that is stored on them, so you can clean the entire area.
  • Put mild, non-abrasive detergent or cleaner in a bucket of water. For your floors, use a wet mop to clean the areas. For your countertops, wet the sponge in the bucket, and wipe the countertops.
  • Rinse your sponge to remove the detergent or cleaner. Wipe the countertops again to remove any residual soap.

Maintaining your Stamped Concrete

Sometimes leaves, dirt, or food spills will leave a mark on your stamped concrete. If you notice marks on your stamped concrete after mopping, you might need to add a couple of steps to your cleaning process.

  • You will need a non-abrasive brush; one with nylon bristles will work best.
  • Put some of the cleaner that you added to the bucket of water directly on the spot.
  • Use your nylon-bristled brush to scrub the area.

Wiping up spills as soon as they happen is the best way to ensure that you will not have stains on your concrete.

Additionally, use care in the colder months when preparing for winter weather. Check with your concrete professional before spreading any deicing salts on top of your outdoor stamped concrete areas.

Sealing your Stamped Concrete

When your stamped concrete, both indoor and outdoor, was installed the surface areas were coated with sealant. With time and use, your stamped concrete will need to be resealed. Contact your concrete professional to inquire about a plan for maintaining concrete, which often includes the service of re-applying coats of protective sealants.

You can apply sealants yourself; however, it is recommended that you check with the contractor who installed the stamped concrete. They can help you with the type of sealant, how to apply the protective coating, and the frequency of application.