7 Reasons Why People Usually Prefer Granite Countertops for Kitchen Renovation

7 Reasons Why People Usually Prefer Granite Countertops for Kitchen Renovation

7 Reasons Why People Usually Prefer Granite Countertops for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is a lot of responsibility. So, when it comes to countertops, people are usually very picky. And one of the most popular materials that leads the race is granite. Wondering why? Well, if yes, you can find out all the answers below.

  1. Durability is the Difference

Did you know that a granite countertop can actually last for more than a decade when taken care of? Besides, it’s far more superior when it comes to variety in colors, finishes, and textures.

  1. Granite is Impact Resistant

One of the best benefits of installing a granite countertop is that it’s impact resistant. So, if you accidentally drop something on it, it won’t crack so easily. This is also one factor that adds to the durability of granite.

  1. Granite is Water Resistant

Since granite doesn’t absorb liquid, it’s a quite practical option. That’s because:

  • It doesn’t catch stains since it won’t absorb them.
  • It can be easily cleaned and it does not lose its color and finish for a long long time.
  1. Granite is Cost Effective in the Long Run

Granite countertops are one time investment options that will turn out to be economical in the long run because:

  • They do not require any special cleaning product.
  • They are scratch resistant too. Which is why you can also use them for chopping and cutting.
  • They’re heat resistant as well.
  1. Granite Countertops Keeps the Kitchen Hygienic

Granite does not absorb stains. Which is why, germs cannot affect the slabs. As a result, they’re safe for cooking. Also, granite is, to a very large extent, resistant to:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Dirt
  1. Granite Countertops can Actually Increase the Market Value of a House

Most people usually opt for granite countertops since they instantly improve the aesthetics of the kitchen. It makes the kitchens look luxurious and stylish.

Such kitchens also look extremely bright and beautiful. As a result, the market value of the property increases.

  1. Granite Can be Easily Fixed

Granite can be easily fixed. All it needs is a putty dye in the color of the stone that is then sealed. And your slab will be as good as new. Besides, it’s extremely inexpensive since you won’t have to replace the entire countertop that’s mostly the case with many other materials.

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