Do I need a mini excavator for my site?

Do I need a mini excavator for my site?

Do I need a mini excavator for my site?

Excavators are the perfect accompaniment on construction sites where there is the need for topsoil excavation and where there is a substantial amount of earth and debris that needs to be moved either off site or to another area of the site quickly, safely, and in a simple manner. There is a wide range of diggers and excavators on the market today, ranging in size and scope, from traditional massive earth movers to mini excavator hire for smaller scale tasks and projects.

Deciding on whether to hire a mini excavator

Are you wondering whether you need a mini excavator for your site? Let’s talk through a few of the considerations you should make, and how hiring mini excavators makes so much sense rather than buying excavators for your upcoming and ongoing projects. 

Mini excavators are in the middle of the options presented to you in terms of size. They are on the small size when compared with a traditional large excavator, but when compared with a micro digger they provide a little bit more of a robust model to work with. As mentioned, diggers are perfect for removing topsoil and other debris around and off site, so your choice of mini excavator will be down to the size and scope of the site and tasks you require it for.

What jobs are mini excavators good for?

When you hire a mini excavator, you have a machine at your disposal that is useful for a wide variety of tasks on small-scale construction sites. The bucket size on a mini digger makes it a great piece of machinery to use at a controlled pace, with smaller and lighter cabs that make it the best bet for sites with limited access and limited space to move in without diminishing efficiency. If there is dirt and soil to be moved in a small space, a mini excavator is the perfect tool. 

Mini excavators are easy to operate, and without the need of a formal license to use on private sites, this means that there is greater scope for your contractors to utilise the machinery on a variety of tasks around site. The simple controls and design make for stability in tight spaces. 

Working with a reputable plant hire company is advised for a number of reasons. First, they give you access to the very latest model of plant hire equipment and machinery. This ensures that you have the safest and most effective model at your disposal, and tracking equipment that wards off potential mini excavator theft.

Whatever your needs and budgets, if you want to speak with a specialist plant hire company about furnishing your project and site with mini excavators, it is important to find a company that you can trust. A long-term relationship is important if you have long-term needs with construction equipment and machinery. Mini excavators and excavator attachments can transform the way you operate on site. Once you have worked through your checklist and planned ahead for the next project, choose the plant hire companies with access to the latest mini excavator hire to help you get your project to where it needs to be.