5 Ways to Find the Best Bath Towels for Yourself

Buying bath towels online may seem like a trivial task. Until you go online, search for cotton towels, and you see a hoard of different towels that vary from their material to colours, from sizes to gram count.

To help you change this process in a quick, easy and smooth operation, we are here with some of the best tips for buying a bath towel online. Check out these tips to get towel sets that dry quickly, absorb moisture and fit your aesthetic as well!

1.   Select the Size

You’ll come across towels of various sizes. Some are bath towels; some are face towels or even hand towels. While buying towels online, you need to decide the purpose of your purchase and decide accordingly. Here is the general size chart of a bath towel used to dry off your body after a shower or bath.

Towel TypeDimensions (In Centimeters)
Bath Towel (Standard)75 x 150 cms
Bath Towel (Large)90 x 180 cms
Hand Towel40 x 60 cms


2.   Decide on Weight

You should also check the weight of the towel before buying it. A towel’s density is measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and this number varies between 300-900. Generally the higher the GSM, the fluffier it is. Hence, it’ll absorb moisture faster but may dry slowly as compared to a towel with a low GSM (300-400)

For your daily use, you can use a bath towel of 400-600 GSM. But when it comes to beach towels, a light towel of 300-400 GSM can be used. You’ll often find luxurious towels ranging from 500-900 GSM in hotels.

3.   Determine the Material

For everyday towels, cotton towels are the most recommended. You’ll also find luxurious cotton materials like Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton in cotton, which are denser and make the towel extremely fluffy.

They have long fibres, and the loop is denser. You’ll come across luxurious towels like these in spas and hotels. Besides cotton towels, you’ll also come across various other materials, which can blend polyester or natural fibres.

4.   Check the Production Technique

Your towels go through some production techniques while getting manufactured, which change their absorbency capacity. Various methods include combed cotton or ringspun or even zero twist technology.

In combed cotton, fibres are combed to remove shorter threads, leaving only the strongest and longest threads to be woven.

In ringspun cotton, both long and short fibres are twisted to create a smoother, finer yarn.

Lastly, the zero twist technology makes the bath towel soft and fluffy while giving it a lesser drying time. Their towels are lightweight, durable and easily packable.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal choice to determine which colour, which technique or which material do you want to opt for. Check out Portico India’s website for long-lasting and high-quality towels in a range of colours.

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