Will Vinegar Bleach, Discolor or Stain Your Carpet?

Will Vinegar Bleach, Discolor or Stain Your Carpet?

Will Vinegar Bleach, Discolor or Stain Your Carpet?

You will find that if you search Google for ways to remove stains from carpets, at least two or three of the results will recommend using vinegar as an anti-stain.

It sounds great that vinegar can remove so many stains. But are there any drawbacks? Will it ‘bleach out’ your carpet if you use it?

We thought it best to settle this ourselves, as there is so much misinformation. This blog will answer questions such as whether bleach can damage your carpets and more.

Will Vinegar Bleach or Discolor Your Carpets?

As long as you use the right vinegar in the correct way, your carpets will not be bleached or discolored. Use a spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of warm water and vinegar to apply vinegar to carpets. You won’t harm your carpet if you don’t let the vinegar soak overnight. Just because the vinegar doesn’t cause any damage doesn’t mean that it will also do much good.

What Type of Vinegar Can I Use on Carpets?

You can use two types of vinegar to clean most carpets.

  • White Vinegar: White vinegar is safe because it does not contain any coloring properties. Other vinegar, such as balsamic or the vinegar you use to dip your chips in, can stain your carpet.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Like white vinegar, it has no coloring properties. This vinegar won’t make you smell like a rose!

How to Remove the Smell of Vinegar from Carpet Cleaning

It is easy to get rid of the vinegar smell when you are cleaning. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your vinegar spray. This will remove that horrible smell and leave behind a pleasant aroma.

Lemon Juice Doesn’t Stain Carpets

Lemon juice alone will stain your carpet because of the color and sugar content. However, this is not what you’ll be doing.

A few drops of lemon in a spray bottle containing warm water and vinegar will completely dilute the juice, preventing any staining.

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