What to Look Out for in the Best Attic Stairs

Are you looking to buy the perfect attic stairs for your home? If so, you must take a lot of considerations when choosing one.

Finding the appropriate attic ladder benefits you by maximising the available space, ensuring safety in your home, and giving solutions to what your house requires.

When it comes to the product itself, there are some qualities and specifications that you should look out for, and here are some of them:

Size and Proportion

Attic stairs come in different sizes, shapes, and heights to suit the available space in your house well. Typical attic ladders are 22.5 x 54 inches big, so choose the appropriate one based on floor-to-ceiling height, swing clearance, opening size, and landing space.

An excellent ladder warehouse lets you send your address and photos of the desired installation location, recommending which attic ladder fits best.


The price of attic stairs depends on the specifications like materials, design, and accessories. Ensure the best of your purchase by comparing various product offers and considering deals like warranties to guarantee a defect-free attic ladder.

Ease of Installation

Factoring in the installation processes of attic ladders is vital in calculating additional fees and estimating the overall duration of completion. Lucky for you, leading attic stairs manufacturers offer do-it-yourself- (DIY) friendly products you can install alone with the guidance of a step-by-step manual.

Some providers also refer you to specialist installers, completely free of charge, in case your desired location requires extra labour, such as cutting and squaring.

Material and Load Capacity

Various materials go into manufacturing attic stairs with different strengths and weaknesses in terms of cost-efficiency, durability, and loading capacity. The following are common materials used and their benefits and drawbacks:

  • Steel-attic ladders made with steel are sturdy and safe from moulds, rots, and termites but are also the heaviest and prone to corrosion.
  • Wood- wooden ladders are sturdy and the most affordable variation, but it is not ideal for humid and termite-infested areas.
  • Aluminium-making attic ladders with aluminium ensure lightness and durability. However, it’s not steady and conducts heat and electricity, making them hazardous in industrial settings.

Features and Accessories

With ever-evolving technology, attic stairs now come with various convenient and high-tech features and accessories like the following:

  • Hidden insulation
  • Pre-assembled and ready-to-install
  • Safety features like slip-resistant steps and locks
  • Automated ladders that operate with the push of a button or using a smart device
  • Handrails
  • Architraves
  • Balustrade kit


No matter what you’re looking for in the best attic stairs for your home, a leading manufacturer like Attic Ladder Warehouse can deliver it to you.

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