Various Kinds Of Light Switches

The electrical switch is one of the most crucial parts of any electrical system. Switches are electrical systems devices to complete or interrupt the circuit. Every building, office, and store has switches to control the lights, fans, and other electrical appliances. This section examines the wide variety of light switches installed in residential and commercial buildings.

Different Kinds Of Light Switches

Switches are the most common method of regulating lights in homes. The light can be turned on and off by toggling the switch because it is that easy. Both Legrand & Legrand Eshophave a wide selection of switches and switch board.

Different Kinds Of Light Switches Are Described Below.

  • Single Pole Switch

One of the most common light switches, a single pole switch (also called a Single Pole Single Throw Switch), controls lighting in a single room. This switch is basic and cheap because of its simplicity. The majority of light switches around the world are single-pole switches because of their low price, ease of use, and straightforward installation. Single-pole switches are straightforward to build and use. A protruding lever connects (light ON) or detaches (light OFF) the live wires from its two terminals.

  • Double Pole Switch

Another common type of switch is the double pole single throw switch, more commonly known as a double switch. Double Pole Switches are like having two single pole switches in one convenient housing. This is because a double pole switch has four contacts (two for one device and two for another) operated by the same level.

High-powered motors and machinery typically require double-pole switches because of their higher ampacity.

  • Three-Way Switch

The following light switches allow two users to control one light source—first, the Three-Way Switch. Staircase light switches have three-way controls. Staircase lighting usually consists of one light with two switches at each end.

  • Four-Way Switch

Four-way switches are more flexible than three-way switches. Industrial and commercial lighting uses four-way controls.

Between two three-way switches, the four-way switch controls the electricity flow between the two sets of traveller contacts. Four-way switches have no common terminal, unlike three-way buttons. Three-way and four-way switches let multiple people control a light fixture.

  • Master Switch

A wireless master switch can set and adjust lighting, window coverings, and linked outlets before you leave or return home. The included CR2032 3 V lithium battery can be activated as many as ten times daily for eight years. Zigbee 3.0 (2.4 Ghz Waveband) technology connects it to connected installations. It comes in white and charcoal grey with an indication option. It has two installation options: screwing into a flush-mounted box or mounting on the wall itself. It’s the right size for a freestanding piece of furniture.


The different kinds of light switches typically found in homes were briefly covered in this piece. Because of their durability, installing a new light switch is usually a one-time event. A wide variety of light switches are available at Legrand & Legrand Eshop, and you can select them based on aesthetic preference, budget, and desired features.