The Right Deck Building Solutions You Need Now

To help you choose, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes. You will be able to compare the services and prices offered by a digger and by a specialized company and select the one that corresponds to the budget set for your wooden deck project, composite deck, tiled deck, etc. Deck Builder Decksforlife is the right option there.

Word Of Mouth

For your patio work as for other home work projects, word of mouth continues to be an essential solution for finding the best professional. Within your family, your relatives or even neighbors who have already built their deck, do not hesitate to find out about the skills and reliability of the craftsmen they have themselves called upon.

The Web: A Valuable Source of Information for Building a Deck

Thanks to the Internet, you have the possibility of having exhaustive and complementary information on the various professionals capable of building your deck in wood, in tiles, in composite wood boards, etc. If the professional has a website, consult his services, his previous development and renovation work, as well as the products and skills put forward. Specialized sites, social networks, as well as free online directories are also valuable information guides for finding the best professional. In this area, professionals stand out from the competition with:

  • Putting you in contact with businesses and craftsmen in your region
  • Online simulators to estimate the price of a composite, tile, stone or wood deck, as well as the cost of labor.
  • Once you get in touch with professionals, you get an accurate quote for your deck construction project. From the choice of materials to the type of deck (on pedestals, stilts, single-storey, etc.), many technical aspects are reviewed by these specialists.

How to Compare the Services of Professionals?

In order to choose the best professional for the construction of your deck (in wood, stone, tiles, etc.), it is important to take into account several criteria. Beyond the price proposed on estimate for the service carried out, you will have to take into account:

  • Availability, and the duration of intervention for the implementation of the work and the installation of the deck;
  • The human and material resources available: number of workers dedicated to the construction project, construction machinery, etc.
  • Possible subcontracting with craftsmen and companies depending on the type of project, development or renovation.

Also pay attention to the responsiveness and quality of the answers provided for any question, whether practical or price-related. Regional or national certification and a label can also be a guarantee of professionalism and quality.

Services, Decks And Materials: What Are The Price Estimates?

To better identify the price of a deck (composite slatted deck, solid wood deck, tiled deck, natural stone deck, etc.), it is important to take into account several prices:

  • The hourly cost of labor: 60 to 85 dollars
  • The price of earthworks: 30 to 65 dollars per m²
  • The price of rockfill work: 90 to 250 dollars per m²
  • The cost of leveling: 7 to 10 dollars per m 3
  • The price for the realization of a trench: 8 to 12 dollars per linear meter
  • The price for the realization of a floor covering for deck (earth or sand): 15 to 45 dollars per m 3.

Concretely, it is necessary to count between 400 and 700 dollars per day to benefit from the services of a navy for the installation of a wooden deck, composite deck or tiled deck.