The Perils Of Not Cleaning Your Mattress Regularly

The Perils Of Not Cleaning Your Mattress Regularly

The Perils Of Not Cleaning Your Mattress Regularly

If you could see the microscopic world around you, a dirty mattress would seem to be a disease generator to you. Humans shed millions of dead cells every day. All these gather in the crevices of your mattress.

Lured by this stack of exfoliated dead cells tiny bugs like dust mites begin to infest the mattress surface. Their droppings can be a significant source of asthma allergens.

The problem is that humans do not see all these and simply ignore them. In simple words, an untidy mattress can be a threat to your health and hygiene in more than one way. Let’s understand the treats in more detail.

Growth of Mould

Much like fungus and bacteria, moulds need a warm and dark place to thrive. When you do not clean your mattress for long durations, it becomes a breeding ground of mould and mildew.

If you or your family members sleep on this mattress the risk of mould-caused health hazards skyrockets.

For babies, people with compromised immunity capacities, and elderlies, sleeping on a mould-laden mattress can be particularly dangerous.

Respiratory Issues

Using dirty mattresses can cause a plethora of health hazards. Sneezing after waking up every morning or coughing vehemently can be indications that your mattress needs cleaning. Sleeping on an unclean mattress can also trigger respiratory tract infections and breathing troubles.

According to recent findings, body heat helps release toxic fumes from the mattress. It might not be worrying for adults, but for children, it could be a reason for concern.

Poor Sleep Quality

Sleeping on an unclean mattress degrades the quality of sleep. Several studies have found that people who sleep on clean mattresses sleep better.

Your overall physiological and psychological well-being depends on your sleep quality. So, not cleaning the mattresses you use can jeopardise your quality of life as well.

To stay healthy and fit, hire experts for mattress cleaning in Singapore. When you sleep well, you live a healthier and happier life.