Enhance Your Curb Appeal: Des Moines Landscaping Ideas

Enhance Your Curb Appeal: Des Moines Landscaping Ideas

Enhance Your Curb Appeal: Des Moines Landscaping Ideas

Spring is finally here; for many homeowners, it’s the perfect time to work in the garden. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just looking to add some greenery to your yard, plenty of creative landscaping ideas inspire you.


A water garden is a great landscaping idea like des moines landscaping for example for anyone looking to add a touch of tranquillity to their yard. Whether you opt for a small pond or a large waterfall, water gardens are a great way to create a relaxing space to recharge your batteries.

To start, choose a spot in your garden sheltered from strong winds and receives enough light for aquatic plants. If you decide to install a basin, ensure it is well sealed to avoid leaks. Then, add aquatic plants, such as water lilies or irises, to add color and texture.

Finally, don’t forget to add elements such as rocks, bridges, or chairs to create a relaxing space. Buying an awning in Montreal can also be an excellent idea if you have the necessary space.


Succulents are a great option for homeowners looking to add greenery to their yard without spending too much time maintaining it. Succulents are drought tolerant and require little water, making them ideal for dry climates.

First, choose a sunny spot in your garden to create a succulent garden. Next, add succulents of different shapes, colors, and sizes to create interesting variety. Be sure to plant succulents in well-draining soil to prevent root rot.

Finally, don’t forget to add decorative elements such as pebbles or statues to add a touch of visual interest. If succulents aren’t suitable, look online for pretty plants resistant to your local climate.


Butterfly gardens are a great landscaping idea for those looking to attract beneficial insects to their yard. Butterflies are important in pollinating plants, making them essential for ecosystem health.

Choose plants that attract butterflies, such as lavender, buddleia, or sage, to create a butterfly garden. Plant them in a sunny location protected from strong winds. Also, install a small, shallow pond or fountain for the butterflies.

Finally, don’t forget to add elements such as stones or sticks to allow the butterflies to rest and feed. You can also add educational panels to teach visitors about the different species of butterflies and their importance in the ecosystem.

In summary, these three landscaping ideas are great options, but remember that choosing plants suitable for your climate and creating an environment conducive to their growth is important. By working with nature rather than against it, you can create a garden that benefits you and the environment. So why not take advantage this spring to embark on a new landscaping project with zenith building group for example? Your yard (and the butterflies) will thank you.