An apartment with or Without Decoration: Which is More Profitable?

An apartment with or Without Decoration: Which is More Profitable?

An apartment with or Without Decoration: Which is More Profitable?

In developed countries, construction companies sell housing in new buildings, renovated and furnished. In Singapore, developers are also gradually coming to this scheme. High competition in the market between construction companies makes developers be original in the architecture of the complexes, the creation of a modern local area and offer a variety of options for finishing the premises. They buy what is profitable and convenient, especially since new buildings can offer a wide range of solutions.

Types of finishes from the Commodore condo Developers

There are several options for renovating apartments in new buildings, which affect the price per square meter. When choosing housing, real estate investors should think about additional costs in advance. What is more profitable: to make repairs in a new building on your own or buy an apartment with decoration? Consider the types of repairs from JBL developers.

  1. Rough finish

It is found in standard-class housing (economy). There are no electrical wiring in the rooms, no piping out. The walls are without plaster, and on the floor there is a rough screed.

Choosing a “rough” option, you need to be prepared for additional costs for repairs in a new building and moving. But if you are a supporter of high-quality apartment renovation, and not a typical one from the developer, and want to independently allocate space for sockets or switches, then this solution is ideal.

  1. Pre-finishing

The apartment in the new building is ready for final renovation. There is a concrete screed on the floor, plastered smooth walls, meters and sockets for sockets.

In Singapore, 80% of companies prefer to rent complexes with pre-finishing. Of course, the quality of building materials and work varies. For example, if in one room you can immediately glue wallpaper, then in others additional alignment and removal of the walls and floor is required.

  1. Fine finishing

Turnkey renovation in a new building – the premises are ready for living and operation. It includes:

  • plain wallpaper on the walls;
  • linoleum on the floor;
  • the bathroom has plumbing, but there are no tiles;
  • interior doors installed;
  • ready-to-use sockets, switches;
  • there are water and electricity meters;
  • In the kitchen there is an electric oven and a sink.

The service life of the finishing rarely exceeds 1-3 years, since the materials are used from the budget. Repair in a new building on a turnkey basis is suitable if the purpose of the purchase is renting out or urgent moving.

  1. Fully Furnished

Construction companies in Singapore offer to buy an apartment in a new building with finishing, independently choosing the materials. The cost of services depends on the developer, design, class of the house, materials and availability of furniture.Standard renovation in a new building includes:

  • laminate;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • wallpaper;
  • setting: kitchen, table and chairs, wardrobe in the corridor;
  • stove and sink;
  • Tiles and plumbing in the bathroom.

Sometimes developers offer an apartment with a ready-made interior. As a rule, this is a demonstration room created for LCD advertising.

The essence of the “repair in a new building” service is that the buyer independently chooses materials, design options and orders it from the developer’s contracting organization.